If you are ready for a deeper understanding of Action Learning, or are considering becoming a certified coach, this intensive 2-day Foundations of Action Learning workshop will take you to the next level. This workshop covers the basics of Action Learning and relevant principles and practices of using Action Learning as a tool or process for coaching the teams. During the workshop, all the participants will be introduced to the concept of "leaders as coaches".



This program is designed to:

  • Enhance the learning and development, depth of discussion and participation, as we explore Action Learning in leaders, teams and organisational development;
  • Enhance practicing Action Learning skills;
  • Pave you a path to getting certified by WIAL.


This program is designed for:

  • Potential coaches;
  • Organisational champions;
  • Sponsors.
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The Foundations of Action Learning workshop covers the basics of Action Learning and relevant knowledge of different aspects in Action Learning:

  1. Introduction to Action Learning Coaching
  2. History and Background of Action Learning
  3. Benefits of Action Learning
  4. Concepts behind Coaching
  5. Power of Action Learning
  6. Two Ground Rules of Action Learning
  7. Six Components of Action Learning
  8. Action Learning coaching demonstration and feedback
  9. Action Learning practice - Coaching, Observation and Feedback (multiple sessions)
  10. Holistic Problem-Solving through Action Learning
  11. Roles of Action Learning Coaches, members, Problem Presenter
  12. Action Learning and Systems Thinking
  13. Action Learning and Leader Development
  14. Implementing Action Learning in Organisations
  15. Reflection and Conclusion
  16. Developing coach competencies


At the end of the Foundations workshop, the participants will:

  • Earn a certificate of participation;
  • Be qualified to participate in the Certificate in Action Learning Coach workshops;
  • Be able to participate in an Action Learning team;
  • Become familiar with the practical and conceptual principles behind the WIAL method of Action Learning;
  • Observe how Action Learning works;
  • Understand the value of the role of the Action Learning Coach in an Action Learning workshop and session.
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WIAL UK will conduct in-house facilitation and training on the Foundations of Action Learning for your organisations. The required 2-day training workshop can be arranged in a number of configurations to meet the objectives and needs of your organisations.This is an excellent method for introducing potential Action Learning Coaches to the basics of Action Learning and preparing them to be worldwide recognised coaches. All the basics of Action Learning and intensive engagement forĀ gaining coaching experience are key success factors to improving potential coaches' capabilities to influence and inspire peers, build highly effective teams and facilitate the development of learning organisations.

To learn more about our in-house training or to set up a coaching program in your organisations, please do not hesitate to contact us.