WIAL UK organises Action Learning certification programs and training workshops endorsed by WIAL. The certification program comprises of three workshops that include:

For those who are new to Action Learning or are not WIAL-certified Coaches, you are required participating in three 2-day workshops to progressively build your knowledge of Action Learning and proficiency in coaching terms and behaviours.

Foundations that is the pre-requisite for the next 4 days enables participants to be exposed to the theoretical and practical aspects of Action Learning. Participants are given the option of taking turn to be either a team member, a problem presenter or a coach for experiencing the power of Action Learning. During the certification process, participants increase their proficiency as team coaches, learn from their project experience, and receive feedback regarding their proficiency in team-coaching from peers and SALC or MALC. After the Foundations and before the commencement of the final 2 days, participants are required to engage in an Action Learning project.



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List of Events in 2019

Event TitleDateTimePrice 
Action Learning Foundations in London (2-day)27 May - 28 May 201909:00 - 17:00£720See Details
Action Learning Certification Program in London (4-day)27 May - 30 May 201909:00 - 17:00£1,800See Details

Certification Procedure

During the workshops, time will be reserved for participants to discuss the challenges they are facing with their projects and to gain insight from fellow participants and the SALC or MALC about alternative ways to understand and address their situations. In order to achieve the CALC, participants shall have to involved in the following three aspects of activities:

Practice Sessions

Each participant will act as an Action Learning Coach once during a practice session in each workshop. The participant will also be an observer, along with MALC, at least once to have an opportunity for interventions and giving feedback on the effectiveness of the interventions made by other participants who are practising and developing skills as an Action Learning Coach. 


In order to be a competent Action Learning Coach, participants must prepare themselves to handle different behaviours disruptive to the Action Learning process. As part of the certification process, participants will be given opportunities to take part in the "WIAL Talk" and provide written responses to at least 5 different "what-if" scenarios described in the "WIAL Talk".

Reflection Paper

Participants must complete a paper describing their individual Action Learning project. Each paper may include one of several phases of the same project or multiple projects. In order to be considered complete, the project must reach at least a stage where the Action Learning team defined and developed a plan for implementing solutions. 

Proficiency Assessment

Participants must demonstrate their proficiency in all required elements of the certification instruments, as observed over the 4-day workshops. The performance of the participants will be assessed based on:

  • their behaviours as a coach, an observer and a team member as observed by SALC and MALC;
  • the responses to the 'what-if' scenarios in the 'WIAL Talk' (pass/fail);
  • the quality of their reflection paper (pass/fail).