WIAL PALCA Professional Action Learning Coach (PALC) is a seasoned professional coach in Action Learning. PALC should have a stronger desire to coach Action Learning teams than to train others to be Action Learning Coaches. Some Senior Action Learning Coaches (SALCs) will apply for PALC while waiting to lead CALC (CALC1 and CALC2).


  • The CALC status in good standing;
  • At least a hundred hours of documented Action Learning coaching experience spanning a minimum of 1 year;
  • Co-leading with a MALC the 2-day Foundations workshop;
  • At least one longer-term project that spans weeks or even months.

Target Audiences

This level is designed for:

  • Coaches who are en route to SALC while waiting to lead CALC (CALC1 and CALC2);
  • Coaches who want to achieve higher certification level than CALC with less stringent renewal requirements as compared with SALC.

Learning Outcome

Throughout the application for PALC, the coach should have:

  • Experience and reflections on the appreciation of Action Learning when coaching the teams;
  • Experience and reflections during and after co-leading with a MALC the 2-day Foundations workshop.

What's Next

After achieving the PALC qualification, you will:

  • be qualified to coach Action Learning teams within organisations;
  • be capable of managing Action Learning coaching workshops;
  • be authorised to lead the WIAL Foundations workshops;
  • be authorised to use the WIAL brand in all marketing materials;
  • become a member of a large and growing community of Action Learning Coaches.

Summary of WIAL Certification Requirements for PALC

Participate in FoundationsYes
Participate in CALC (CALC1 and CALC2)Yes
WIAL TalkNot Required
Project1 long-term project; minimum 4 sessions over several weeks
Minimum Hours Experience100 (50 coaching)
Lead FoundationsYes
Lead CALC (CALC1 and CALC2)No
Application Form

Summary of WIAL Certification Renewal Requirements for PALC

Submit Proof of Action Learning HoursYes
Attend at least 1 WIAL Sanction EventYes
Lead at least 1 Foundations or CALCNo
Successfully Mentor a CALCNo
Publish or PresentNo
Renewal Form

Authorisations of Activities on behalf of WIAL for PALC

Coach Action LearningYes
Lead FoundationsYes
Mentor CALCs and PALCsNo
Mentor SALCsNo