The missions of WIAL UK are inherited from WIAL and extended to the scope directly relevant to the promotion and development of Action Learning in the United Kingdom. Established and registered in the United Kingdom, WIAL UK is the official international affiliate of the WIAL. On 19th December 2016, WIAL granted WIAL UK the sole authority in the United Kingdom to certify Action Learning Coaches that meet WIAL worldwide standards. Besides that, WIAL also supports all the UK-specific missions of WIAL UK in all Action Learning contribution and effort including co-sponsoring local and regional WIAL Action Learning Forums and Conferences, providing senior certified coaches for certification programs and workshops in the United Kingdom, and speaking in public and in-house Action Learning programs.

Missions of WIAL UK - with UK Affiliate Certificate

As an international affiliate of WIAL, WIAL UK believes that Action Learning is a practical tool and process for problem-solving, team-building and leadership development. The missions of WIAL UK include, but are not limited to:

  • To promote WIAL and WIAL Action Learning as a brand at major learning and development events in the United Kingdom;
  • To develop Certified Action Learning Coaches and build the Action Learning community through certification programs, coaching workshops, forums, conferences, seminars, newsletters, engagement through social media platforms, and learning interventions endorsed by WIAL;
  • To promote and heighten awareness and acceptance of Action Learning to foster the development of Action Learning;
  • To provide ongoing formal and informal mentoring and coaching support for individuals, teams and organisations through various levels of engagement in the United Kingdom;
  • To contribute to the local community by offering volunteering Action Learning services to local not-for-profit organisations;
  • To share UK-specific Action Learning best practice and promote networking with WIAL Affiliates outside the United Kingdom;
  • To cooperate and facilitate regular communications with other Affiliates outside the United Kingdom.